An eden of flowers..

IMG_20140404_150719 IMG_20140404_150833 IMG_20140404_150826 IMG_20140404_150921 IMG_20140404_150815 IMG_20140404_150709An eden of flowers..

Hey loves,how’z ur sato so far?mine is pretty much academic..pages n pages of notes to grasp or cram ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ..for today’s CAT…kinda I had this outfit yesterday..and my oh my can u imagine I got this top for only 100 f****** heard me..jeez…OK I had it taken to my tailor to have it scaled two sizes down…I’m a ten…so total cost comes to 250 an equivalent of around 3USD if your not in Kenya..STYLE indeed doesn’t cost a the floral aspect and the fact that it’s a two-in one gives this number a huge PLUS…did I mention it also has shoulder pads..takes me back to the twenties..awesome..paired this cutie up with chinos,doubled toned heels that I cherish.Summed up this look with this butterfly necklace,double cross ring..n a lovely cross bag..

have a merry saturday..xoxo love&love

My look:
Floral top-vendor@ tuskys pioneer
Chinos-vendor in hurlinghum
Neckpiece & ring-a shop along moi avenue
Cross bag-gifted by mama


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