The little black dress..LBD

IMG_20140408_081234 IMG_20140408_081248 IMG_20140408_081119 IMG_20140408_081644 IMG_20140408_081141 IMG_20140408_081240 IMG_20140408_081345

Hi everyone..had a pretty hectic day with loads and tonnes on my plate which was EXTREMELY boring if you ask me..coupled with having to hand-write a five page assignment..u got it right..hand-write..thought it was a big fat joke at first..I mean really..does someone have to make getting an education such an uphill task..aaarrghh..that was my day in a nutshell..onto fashion related news now..wore this black dress which i’ve had for QUITE a while now…oh boy..and is it not versatile…its one of my two-go outfits when I simply want to slip into something n the fabric and the fact that it’s warm..making it ideal in case the clouds decide to open up..the huge ‘faux’ gold buttons glam up the plain look…not forgeting the neckline’s shape…added a bit of color with the neckpiece and peeps.

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo

My look:
Dress-freakin old
Neckpiece-shop along moi avenue
Peeps- shoe palace


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