New in the closet..


IMG_20140427_171920IMG_20140427_124209IMG_20140427_125406IMG_20140427_130553IMG_20140427_125325IMG_20140427_131113IMG_20140427_124805New in the closet..

Hi happy people….felt like a load had been lifted off my back….and a heavy one for that matter…i could finally sigh with relief after my last paper on Saturday evening…it felt so so good..a vacay would have crowned it off…so hooked up with my magic guy from hurlinghum..his name is Oscar by the way…felt like I needed to reward myself for the sweat n blood..haha..not literally…like sweating while tryn to remember some terms n formulas that have gone up the roof suddenly..u feel me…..but nway got a few pieces that I figured were pretty cute and timeless..I will pair them differently..accesorize,add some color here n there like I usually do for that wow factor..Saw this cuties on my way to the library…adrenalin rush..I knew some soles had my place to call home…I’ve always craved for pointed and colorful flats…yeey..

Items from Oscar..
Red flats-Exhibition on aghakan walk..(Weekends)

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo


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