Three in one..

I must confess that it was a battle getting up and more so out of was kinda drizzling,cold and no power..perfect ingredients that tempted me to snooze my alarm thrice..oh boy oh envying those on holiday right now..

Morning loves,

Had this ensemble to church on Saturday.Thrifted this number a couple of weeks ago at the heart of the city..God bless y’all ladies who bring these beauties closer home.The three attributes that gave a title to the post today:love the black,length and velvet/sheer look of it…will definately be a dress for days to come.Paired it up with my BCBG wedges and hat to hide my face from the scorching sun.Did I mention that this structured sling bag is one of my fav right it to bits and pieces..

Thanks for stopping by..xoxo

What I wore;


Wedges-aghakan walk-weekends


Neckpiece-maasai Market




IMG_20141108_132942 IMG_20141108_132918 IMG_20141108_132908 IMG_20141108_132928 IMG_20141108_132902 IMG_20141108_133042 IMG_20141108_133045



About Emilly moraa

My name is Emilly and I love thrifting to bits..welcome to my style world :-)

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