Colored Maxi x Print Top


My love for maxi skirts has like really grown over the recent past and so is my hunt for them.Their versatility is intriging because they can be worn to a variety of places; church,weddings,brunches..the list is endless and so is their styling options♥♥ Good thing about them is that they are timeless and one can never ever go wrong in getting a piece or two trust me.I’m also drawn to all kind of prints because they have a way of making their own statement with or without accessories;the colours on the top was a humongous plus,reminds me of the grin i had when i thrifted this ..was like of a person who had won a lottery..that deep my loves.More color was incorporated by my mustard kiondoo that is usually my to go casual bag,i could carry it every day if it passed of as an official one 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,i really appreciate your time spent here







What i wore:

Maxi-Serinda fashions
Sandals-same up
Sunnies-same up


About Emilly moraa

My name is Emilly and I love thrifting to bits..welcome to my style world :-)

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  1. Our maxi 🙂 Love the way you blend colours. So stylish.Love the look.

  2. A breath of fresh air! Beautiful, Emilly! ❤

  3. your outifit is so amazingg!!! I love colors 🙂

  4. LOVE this maxi 🙂 so cute! I just put up a post on my boho-maxi look… feel free to check it out!

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