No Monday Blues..



Hello everyone,

Prepping up for monday can be a daunting task (in the closet department) especially if your weekend was filled with all sorts fun activities and indulgences right up to the last minute.What i’m i going to wear is always the BIG question.I have had this moments so many times and the one thing that sets me off to the right track is picking outfits based on a yummy color theme.This way i can begin my week motivated, on a high and fun note whilst having the least monday blues or none.I wore this dress as a top (i get to do that with all my body-cons β™₯β™₯) together with a royal blue skirt,red suede heels and a blazer to add some seriousness to this official look πŸ™‚ Matched up the skirt with my blue neckpiece.This outfit will also fit perfectly to an evening office cocktail party (minus the blazer)

Let me know how you prepare for mondays closetwise

Have a fruitful week ahead and thanks for dropping by β™‘β™₯

Photography by Jared Nyanjom

What i wore:
Dress worn as a top-thrifted
Skirt-oscar 0724854908
Blazer-Toi mkt








About Emilly moraa

My name is Emilly and I love thrifting to bits..welcome to my style world :-)

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  1. Such a simple and classic look Emilly…. And the shoes…. I want πŸ™‚ Lovely post

  2. matchy matchy yaaay! Always on point.

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