Good Morning good people,

I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that my travel month is almost here..october yaaaaaaaas like literally doing a happy dance πŸ™‚ so happy,anxoius,excited..i mean,this jittery kinda feeling is setting in and sitting pretty well i tell you.It has taken months of planning and just getting everything into perspective.It almost seemed impossible at the beginning but with a lot of encouragement from mama and looking with admiration on how vast she has transversed the globe,the experiences, memories and all the goodness that comes with it,i decided to take my wanderlust self a notch higher,everything is possible if you set your mind right at it and work hard towards achieving them goals β™₯β™₯ Please follow me on instagram @emillymoraa;twitter @emoraah7 to get all my travel details,blog updates and more. Into fashion related news now,i love me lots of print numbers be it tees,tops,cami’s you name it.I always find the encryptions very fancy,chic and stylish for any casual pair up.The pair of shorts are my absolute favourite (wish i could own ten of them) and i always have them on my trips because they have a way of setting the holiday mood perfectly,i sure will be carrying them with me next month πŸ™‚ Finished off my look with a sling polka also featured here ,bata ngomaz and a chain neckpiece

Thank you for stopping by and stay stylish xoxo

Photography by Jared Nyanjom

Shorts-old and thrifted
sling polka bag-serinda fashions








About Emilly moraa

My name is Emilly and I love thrifting to bits..welcome to my style world :-)

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  1. You look travel ready dear, holiday vibes with this look. The shorts are sooo cute.


  2. The simplicity of this outfit is so beautiful.This anytime.

  3. Gosh, this is such a cute ensemble…. That top and those shorts are so cute.. the hat adds a personalized style and the fact that you have flats only makes me so jealous you’ll be starting your holiday soon… I, on the other hand have to wait till next month, ohh well, enjoy for us both, and keep rocking girl…. Hugs xx

  4. You look amazing, so chic! Where you going? Where you going??? Cannot wait to see your travel posts dear! πŸ™‚ Travel safe.

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