Hello everyone,welcome to aArom Galerie’and my name is Emilly.I love art,nature and music…the three things i believe, have cultivated and influenced my interest for fashion,style and trends.Over time i have learnt, appreciated and been able to experiment and explore with diffrent classic pieces whilst breaking some *fashion rules* here and there;in turn re-inventing those that suit my persona and style.I find it extremely effortlesss to express who i am and what i feel through this…which i should say is a BEAUTIFUL feeling.Never thought i would be sharing with a larger group but then i feel blessed and want to use this as an avenue to inspire and motivate that special someone to chase their dreams in utter fulfillment.Looking forward to blog my way to the *moon*hehe..seriously..interact with other bloggers around the world and basically have fun.

Thank you for sparing time to read this…Blessings

**Chao Chao**

  1. I so so love this.good step gal.i am an ardent fan of ur style

  2. nakufata(following) nice ice stuff

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